We are also looking for more GurSikhs who have been an inspiration to the religion so we can inspire others on how to be good role models. We have also been contacted by television stations asking us to provide them with good Sikhs to help in discussion shows and more. So if you know of somebody, then please let us know so we can feature them here and spread a positive vibe amongst the youth. It doesnt matter whether you are from Wolverhampton or Washington, we want to know :)

E-mail us :

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Three Gursikhs - Harvinder Singh, Tajinder Singh and Satvir Singh

I know its over a year late, but something has been missing from our blog for a while and i finally realised what ... or who, it was. The three Singhs above, Harvinder Singh, Tajinder Singh and Satvir Singh were from Wolverhampton and tragically drowned in Ullswater in September last year.

To be honest, we didnt know any of them personally, despite bumping into Harvinder Singh (the youngest) when we had a bike ride. He was a really happy-type Singh who was very popular amongst the other youth around. He was also the youngest nephew of Jago Wale jatha who sing in the Shaheedi Immortal albums. He was also the cousin of Bhai Amanpreet Singh from Wolverhampton, as featured previously, and we know that Harvinder used to occasionally design some things for EktaOne (now SikhRoots).

What really does touch me is that my nephew showed me his msn and he has a lot of youth on his list - and i was amazed to see that even over a year on, everyone had "H.S.T." in their screen names, which is the initials of the three boys. They truly have become a legacy and put me in my place. Normally when someone dies, even in a tragedy, they are remembered for about 4-5 months, but here we are in the second year of their death and they are still being remembered for all things good. Truly touching and truly inspiring. May their legends live on.

We found some videos we would like to share with you...

These were created by SikhRoots and other sewadars in Wolverhampton :

And a news clipping from the funeral

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