Bhai Amanpreet Singh Lalli

Amanpreet Singh is one of the most respected and passionate Singhs of recent times. The love for Sikhi and seva that he possesses is something quite unique. So what makes him so special? Sikhi fm and Ektaone were absolutely amazing website projects and now he is running Sikhroots Sikh website, as many others. One Gursikh created such a fantastic archive of keertan ... thousands of mp3's free for all and of the highest quality which is unseen anywhere else today. Out of his own pocket he has spent thousands of pounds to keep it running and growing. He was seen at so many programs around the world recording kirtan to upload on his website to share with others. There were live video recordings. Live streaming. Even recording all documentaries related to Sikhs from the TV to share online.

The seva does not stop there. Radio stations, free designing of posters, organising programmes, creating presentations, helping out at camps, and so much more. The seva he does still continues and for no fame, no money, nothing.

I remember when Ektaone website launched, i drew up a really large list of about 200 shabads or so i wanted from the site and emailed Aman to create me some CD's i could listen to in the car. He agreed but i didn't know it would take 30 CD's or something silly like that! I asked my brother in law to pick them up and to give him some maayaa but he wouldn't take it even after forcing it in his hand! My brother in law who wasn't into Sikhi was quite amazed that it took him so much time and effort to make the CD's yet he wouldn't accept any cash and from then on my jija ji began speaking to me more about the Sikh youth. He thought Sikhi was dying but he was proved wrong and he started going to divaans. I remember him telling me he saw Amanpreet Singh at a Sant Baba Ranjit Singh divaan and was really delighted to see him again and from then on, with thanks to Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Jee as well, hes begun to come into Sikhi and learn more about the religion. I never thought he would be the type to get into Sikhi as he was always so into his bhangra, eating meat, drinking and the rest but I'm so glad hes changed in the last year or so.

Anyway, Amanpreet Singh, a humble request to you never to stop and carry on on the righteous path. You have given moorakhs like me a fresh of breath air in life and helped put me on the path to Guru Jee through your most amazing sewa. I can never repay you but you are in my ardas every day. i know before you have requested us to remove your name and everything from this website but ShiningSikhs is nothing without your presence.

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by Shining Sikhs @ 4:22 PM
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