Bibi Sukhmani Kaur

(Written by penji)

Most of us have been brought up in a Sikh family since birth. Many of us have always had a connection somehow with the Sikh faith. Sukhmani Kaur only heard about Sikhi 10 years ago... and since then, shes become one of the finest examples of a Sikh in our midst today.

I met her in Hayes a few months ago... well, if you can call seeing and admiring her a "meeting" then its all good. There arent many female role models in Sikhism, especially in the UK. But in 10 years, penji has really come into the spotlight. Not only can sangat in London do her darshan, but thanks to her amazing blog, the whole of sangat online can meet her and share in her life experiences.

Just like you, many people from different backgrounds come into Sikhi. According to you, which is the best for them to get more knowledge about Sikhi?

"I would say that background doesn't matter, what matters is open-mindness. If person has previous baggage of whole load of stuff about casts, gender discrimination, etc; that will take a while to get rid of. But probably it still doesn't matter, because if there's a quest for Truth within ones soul, background is no more then outer shell that would be dropped, when the true identity of a Sikh (learner) will be accepted."

Shes brilliant and a role model for me as a Sikh woman and i know my partner is adoration of her talent and her role in the community.

She was also voted Sikh Youth Of The Month by - Click on the link below to read the full interview!
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