Most Welcomed Return
Apologies to all as we have been very busy with our new addition to the family recently.

But would like to congratulate Bhai Amanpreet Singh on the launch of and the rest of his new team. Its even better than Ektaone!! Heres hoping that the Wolverhampton sangat can continue to grow together and support Amanpreet Singh in this truly beautiful seva.

For anyone who hasnt visited their new website yet, its :)
by Shining Sikhs @ 3:17 PM
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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:08 AM
Waheguru :)

Thats a wicked website - all the best to Bhai Amanpreet Singh and hope him and his team dont stop this time.

Theres another site promoting amazing Gursikhi jeevan too amongst the youth, which is - worth checking out