Bhai Abinash Singh (London)

When I was coming into Sikhism in the early days of my life, I went to a lot of programmes around London, where Abinash Singh lives. I never heard of him or heard him once. But at one point in my life, when i was really down, i went to a programme with my cousin and sat right at the back because i was feeling so low. Most of the programmes done by AKJ or other groups hardly included any youth doing keertan. It was all the elders. Those that would be in my fathers generation or even my grandfathers. I dont know why, but it was like God hid this gem from my eyes and ears. All my life living down here, going to programmes etc, i never heard him but at this one particular programme i was taken back and moved. When i needed a lift, a buzz, the most, God done His grace and through this GurSikh lifted me up with some absolutely beautiful Gurbani Kirtan. I went from crying in dukh to crying in sukh.

Dass loves listening to his keertan and seeing him around all the time. He speaks with love and doesnt put any one down, which believe me, is a rare thing to find nowadays. He does keertan where and when is asked of him. Where there is a lot of divisions between groups, he does keertan at any programme organised by any group such as AKJ, AKJi, Taksaal and so forth. His beliefs are firm, strict and very pure - but he respects His Guru, and everyone else around him.

Video :
Kirtan :

May God bless us all.

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by Shining Sikhs @ 8:42 AM
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