Bhai Tarsem Singh (Warwick, UK)

If you dont know Bhai Tarsem Singh ji, then you will most definitely know his website which he created. SikhiToTheMax is a revolutionary Gurbani Searcher website which allows Sikhs all over the world to have access to Gurbani. Theres transliteration and translations available and a brilliant search engine to search it with. Everywhere he goes, he recieves acclaim and siropas in mark of his achievements.

He's warmly welcomed at many AKJ programmes around the UK - whether he is on stage or not. He always helps where we can - online or offline. His contribution to Sikhi is great and his pyaar and shardha for others is immense.

I had always heard about Bhai Sahib ji from other people and had seen and heard is keertan. We met Bhai Sahib ji for the first time whilst attending a programme organised by some youth in the East Midlands. Afterwards, there was an amrit sanchaar organised and the panj pyaareh walked into the darbaar sahib. i looked... then i looked again. And it was Bhai Tarsem Singh ji as one of the panj. I will never forget that moment. I was in total awe of such a pyaaraa Gurmukh.

Heres some keertan from him...
by Shining Sikhs @ 11:46 AM
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