Bhai Sukhwinder Singh (Birmingham, UK)

You may have seen Bhai Sukhwinder Singh around the UK... no sorry, let me change that, around the WORLD in the past few years particularily and we have officially named him as a Shining Sikh.

Bhai Sukhwinder Singh is from Birmingham, 28 years old, and one of the most amazing GurSikhs i have ever come accross. He has ALWAYS worn full bana when i have met him, even out and about, and always has the ability to make one smile.

He is mainly known for his superb world-class style of doing kirtan in sangat. His voice, his bani, his santhiya is very shudh. He reads GurBani how it should be read. He sings GurBani how it should be sung.

He is highly regarded and highly respected by all i have ever come accross. No one has ever faulted him at all. Apparently, he spent a good few years at university because he wanted to make sure the Sikh Society there kicked off nicely and he still goes back at every chance. It appears he is devoting his entire life towards the sewa of Guru Jee which i find amazing. He's single and doesn't really work in a job like us paapis do. Instead he goes far and wide to spread the Word of the Guru. He teaches on a regular basis keertan to anyone wishing to learn in Birmingham and if theres any smagam on in the UK, hes bound to be there. He travels to places like Ireland, Denmark, Italy on regular occasions to do keertan when anyone calls him up and he rarely says no.

His personality is crazy! The first time i met him, i thought to myself that he must be a really "kharkoo" type Singh. I remember sitting in sangat at an AKJ rensbhaee and in total awe of the amazing vibes he was giving all around the room. Everyone had their eyes closed and was chanting Waheguru along with him. It was just amazing. Afterwards, i got the bottle to go up and greet him and we started talking... and he started talking to me like he'd known me for years... and it felt like i had known him for years. He was talking seriously but also making wise cracks in between to make me laugh and to be honest, i didnt know if i should laugh or not. All i know is i wanted to kiss his feet. His presence is just electric wherever he is. His words are wise. He is a true Shining Sikh.

This is the latest recording i could find :

If you would ever like to contact him, his e-mail address is He rarely replies to us, but you are all so much more chardi kala than me and am sure he will respond :)
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