Bhai Sukha Singh (London)
"My impression of Sukha Singh is a dedicated, heart centered man with the Guru running through his veins. His work is full of light..."
Guru Surya Kaur, USA

Sukha Singh is an 18 year old GurSikh from London, UK. And when it comes to shining examples of what a Sikh should be like, Sukha Singh is definitely first that comes in mind. Seeing him for the first time could be a bit daunting... a well-built, 6 foot 1 inch, Nihang bana bearing naujavaan coming towards you could just make you scream, turn and run! But infact... his amazing aura would just make you stop in your tracks and fall inlove with the jeevan of this true Sikh warrior.

Its hard to keep tracks on exactly what Sukha Singh ji is doing nowadays. He's always somewhere or the other doing seva of sangat and helping out. From local events in London, to national events around the UK... then onto international camps like the recent Summer Solstice Camp in New Mexico, with Gurmustuk Singh and others.

His keertan, his katha is just mind blowing. Especially for someone so young. And if you havent heard any, the only ones i could find at the moment were at so go and have a listen.

The misconceptions regarding him is that people think he's a nihang or part of the UK "nangs", but Sukha Singh is far from that. Ask him which jatha he is from one day and im sure he will tell you. I know with Sukha Singh that it does sadden him when people label him into a particular group. His vichaars tell us to stay away from labelling each other and just to get along as one. His words spread the message of unity and tolerance towards one another. He is purely human and a great role model of how a human should be.

It is his birthday this month so many happy returns of the day. I am sure my veer would gladly help should anyone need some guidance and you can e-mail him at

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:34 AM
Sukha is lovely.....xxxxx

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:49 PM - Sukha Singh is now doing hukamnama translation from darbar sahib ONLINE!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:19 PM
Sukha Singh inspires me so deeply, I see God in him, and he sees God in all....
His kaatha is always so amazing, you can hear his voice in your head for days on end, and hes so CHARDI KALA

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:29 PM
hes got a blog as well -

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:17 AM

most of Sukha's audio can be found here

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:46 AM
search for "sukha singh" in under "files"
You will find alot more katha kirtan and videos. WJKK WJKF

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:37 PM
does anyone know how i can contact Bhai Sukha Singh Jee?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:18 AM
waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

i want to say thjnks to all who helps me for having audio and video sites of GIANI SUKHA SINGH JI.